Ant Poison and Solo Ad Vendors


What does ant poison have in common with solo ad vendors? Now, this question is not as sinister as it might seem, so just hang in there with me, ok?

The other day I watched Fleury, my cat, corral a huge black ant, taking it as hostage for a play buddy. On and off throughout that day, this scenerio repeated itself. There was no question about it: We had been invaded with a colony of these critters. Since I had the same problem last spring, and was sure I had extra ant poison stored away, I began the grand search. But, none could be found. So, off to the hardware store I went, while thinking up safe spots to place the chemical-filled traps where Fleury couldn’t get into them.

Another event this past week kinda went along these same lines as well.

I was preparing an indirect ad for presentation to solo ad vendors. A few days before, I had done my usual internet research and came up with three vendors who mirrored my needs for cost, had great testimonials, and rented their lists to MLM’s, including MOBE. Also, their Tier I percentages and conversions were great. I contacted them one by one via Skype, about 24 hours apart. When I didn’t hear back in 12 hours,I then e-mailed them, staggered as before. Four days into it, and I still had not heard back from even one of them. So I resumed the laborious task of research and came up with three more names, beginning the whole process again. It took me until vendor number 6, to get a response. The interview went well, and I bought my clicks from him.

Do you see any connections between these two scenarios? Beyond the fact they each involve me?

I identify the common denominators as foresight and preparation (or a lack thereof.) I knew I get ants in the spring but did not have the traps ready to go. As for the solo ad vendors, I knew I would be submitting an ad but lined up only three vendors, thinking for sure I would commit with one of the three (as I had in the past).

I learned from these events that I not only need to keep a reminder to buy ant poison at the first of each new year, but that I also have to keep an ongoing list of vendor possibilities, adding to that list on a regular basis, not just throwing together a list when I am preparing an ad to go out.

So, this is what ant poison and solo ad vendors have in common.

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