Baseball and Hotdogs


       I find a first row seat in the visiting team bleachers. How sweet is this!  And I’m not far from the grilling hotdogs; their sizzling convinces my stomach to feel hungry. Hope they’ll still be for sale when the game’s over. Want to get me one of those dogs.

But, now I need to keep my eye on the game; it’s already started. Home team is up. Sammy is crouched and ready behind home plate. Boy, that Sammy sure has great form. I can’t believe it!  Good catching plus he slams in those home runs.  Coach has a prize in that boy.  

The pitcher winds up and shoots a ball over home plate.

“Strike two”, the ump calls out. The bases are loaded. They need to strike that player out.

“C’mon Sammy”, I yell through open cupped hands. “Chatter to your pitcher. Get him all pumped up. That’s your job”.

Next throw was right over the plate. The bat connected; it was a homerun.

Well, we may have lost the game, but the hotdogs were great.

(Copyrighted 2016 Peters-Burg Affiliates)




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