Why I Chose Platinum

When I first entered MOBE, I completed the 21 steps curriculum and purchased MOBE License
Rights so that I could legally sell their educational products for commission.I was assigned
short-term coaches, who were very helpful and supportive.

However, I realized the coaching assistance was soon coming to an end and I knew I had so much
more to learn about the internet marketing business. To help me decide what to do, I journaled
the pros and cons of staying with the MLR track vs.transferring to the Titanium or Platinum

Because I’d never done any marketing before, the deciding factors ended up being the extensive
coaching assistance and learning materials available to students in the Platinum program.
I have found the Platinum One- on- One coaching sessions to be invaluable, and have a large
selection of free study options at my fingertips.

As example, the online Traffic Masters Academy modules have been very helpful to me along with
the Platinum Inner Circle newsletters and training CD’s. And these two selections just scratch
the surface of the free training materials available to me as a Platinum member.

And don’t overlook the all- inclusive Platinum Mastermind events in places such as Figi;
everthing is paid for except our plane tickets.

So, if you are considering changing your educational track within MOBE, I suggets you
thoughtfully consider the Platinum option.(Copyrighted 2016 Peters-Burg Associates)

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