Educational Pursuits and Income
This weekend, I am travelling out of state to attend my oldest grandchild’s graduation from University. Kayleigh has always held high aspirations. In her senior year of high school,she was able to attend the local community college to begin earning college credits.

From high school, she went directly into college and earned a Bachelor’s level teaching degree in environmental studies. She will now graduate with a double Masters degree: Journalism, and Public Policy. She says she may now take some time off, “to get a job and just live life for awhile”, but envisions Doctoral studies on the horizon.

I am so proud of her accomplishments. And though my formal education has not been on such a grand scale as hers, I also see how she and I each value the process of learning. It also comes to mind that, just as she is winding down her educational pursuits- if only for a season- I, her aging grandmother, have just embarked on further educational pursuits of my own.

By enrolling in MOBE, I have the exciting opportunity to tap into a new body of knowledge. I am learning all things new and am enthusiastic about utilizing that knowledge to supplement my income in these, my later years.

So, I’m writing this essay as hats off to Kayleigh for her accomplishments, and as hats off to me for choosing to once again go back to the classroom.(Copyright 2016 Peters-Burg Affiliates)

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