How Did I End up Here?

As I look back on my life and compare then with now, I ask myself how I ended up as a fledgling internet marketer. I’ve always enjoyed writing- mainly essays and poems, have completed writing courses at both the community college and undergrad levels, and have taken online writing classes. Although I’ve gained personal satisfaction from these pursuits, a career in any type of writing was never on my professional radar (although one of my positions did involve technical writing.)

Instead of going the journalism route, I was strongly pulled into the “helping” professions; first as an RN and then later as a Social Worker. I served in these positions for more than 30 years, then retired. As I looked for income to supplement my retirement pay, I realized I wanted  something where I could work from home. And so came my connection with MOBE.

What I’m saying here is that no matter what our employment background is, we each bring something unique to the table as marketing consultants. So, how did I end up here? I feel I’ve come full circle and have merely returned to a familiar place of my past.

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