Green Slime: A Dream

Green Slime: A Dream

I awoke this morning with a dream in progress and it continued to roll for a minute or so after I woke up. I laughed as I completed my dream as it seemed so funny. I just felt I wanted to share it with you. Hope it hasn’t lost its humor in this free-write accounting.  I changed the name of the student left in charge but otherwise it’s pretty much as it happened:

I was a teacher and was in the senior classroom. Someone knocked on the door and said the principal wanted to speak with me right away. I warned my students of expulsion vs. graduation if there was any funny stuff going on during my absence and put 17 year old Sammy in charge of the class.

Just as I was about to open the door to the hall, I realized my breath tasted like the smoldering dregs of burned coffee. I turned to the class with what I hoped was a straight face, asked for gum, took it  from the closest open hand, and left the room. By the time I got to the principal’s office I realized the gum tasted awful and had only made the breath issue worse. So, I grabbed a tissue from the secretary’s desk, spit the gum into it, knocked and then entered the principal’s office. With all pride lost, I asked for a piece of gum. As I bit into the shell of the new gum, it tasted worse than the first.

So I hastily excused myself to go to the ladies room, passing a janitor on the way. Again, my request for a piece of gum.  I put the old stuff in the palm of my hand, hoping no one would notice it and hurried back toward the principal’s office while biting into the gum. There was this explosion as some awful jelly-like substance erupted in my mouth. I diverted my route to the principal’s office and sped toward the nearest classroom.

When my knock was answered, I asked for a tissue and a piece of gum. I probably seemed harried by then as the teacher said nothing. She handed me a tissue and offered a Halloween- themed plate holding different types of gum: some were in sticks, the others were in varied- colored squares. Oh, what was the kind I needed?  I finally grabbed a square piece just hoping it was a good flavor like cinnamon or even cloves. When I spit the gum into the tissue I saw a glob of green goo and realized was the jelly I had felt in my mouth.

I sped to another ladies’ room to rinse my mouth with tap water, the green oozing from my mouth and into the sink. Then, I put the new piece of gum into my mouth and began to chew. Again with the green jelly. I spit it out, looked in the mirror, and a pair of green lips and a set of green teeth looked back at me. Yikes, I thought. But, my mouth did taste better and assumedly smelled better as well.

So, I returned to my class, opened the door, and walked in. All was quiet: Sammy had done a great job with his task. Then I called to the class for attention and told them I knew my lips and teeth were green so no need for any snickers or comments. The class then smiled and 25 sets of green teeth greeted me. I laughed, turned to the chalk board and then said oops to myself; I never did talk to the principal.

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