Recently, someone asked me why I had signed up with MOBE (My Online Business Education); an internet marketing company.I will tell you what I said to them: When the first MOBE e-mail landed in my box, I was seeking options to supplement my retirement income.

Since I’ve never worked in the marketing field- but have done some writing in the past-I was intrigued by the opportunity to learn about copywriting. I signed up with their 21 steps training program.

As I began my studies, I realized how much I had missed the mental challenges my career had afforded me. Enthused, I eagerly dug into the course work. And, it wasn’t long before I also recognized that the studies were granting me the life purpose that went missing after my husband’s death.

What has really helped me progress is the direction and support from assigned coaches and the other MOBE consultants. Recently, I began submitting ads for the educational materials. Although I am not yet fully trained, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and am excited about the possibilities of my success.

#susan #internetmarketing #affiliatemarketing #workfromhome #retirement

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