Getting Pelted With Springtime Hail

For the past few weeks, Spring has been poking out its head to test climate conditions. Not long ago, here in northern New York State, we had a patch of sunny days in the 70’s. Then, a cold front came through, requiring us to pull out our Winter coats. Gradually it warmed up : The thermometer read 80 degrees and daffodils and tulips shot up from their beds. Then, wouldn’t you know, a cool dip came again. In fact, today as I left for the store, an overnight rain had turned to hail bouncng off my car.

But, isn’t that the thing about spring, anyway? It can be so unpredictible. No matter how much we prepare for it; bringing out the porch furniture, raking lawns, and spreading topsoil and grass seed, it just plods along until it’s good and ready to officially arrive.

And, so it is with the internet marketing business. We are relentless in our preparation. We learn about products, technique, resources, the niche for educational marketing products and then make an informed decision on which vendor we will use to post our ads. Sometimes, there will be no sales, other times a few. And then, out of the blue, we may have that lucrative campaign we seek. But, alas, we will be pelted with downturns of the marketing business.

To stay afloat, we must keep our eyes on the finish line, continue preparations, connect with other affiliates(consultants) for support, and exercise the mantra that today- just maybe today- that big sale will come.

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