Company Coming and Deadlines to Meet

I’m having visitors three times this week; it’s sort of like a feast or famine thing for me. As I look around my place and see all of the things I “should” do by tomorrow afternoon when my son arrives, the mental list seems daunting. While I know I work best under pressure, I also know my list is not a realistic one. So, I have decided to get rid of the “nice to do’s” and concentrate on the “must do’s.” That shortend my list considerably, and has given me a comfortable focus.

I find a similiar situation with my current training and coaching opportunities through MOBE (My Online Business Education.)I want to do well,and learn all that I can to become a successful internet marketer. With that goal in mind, I reach out to all the marketing information I can find, trying to cram it all into my brain. I am grabbing on to “nice to learns” vs. “must learns” in what my coach calls “chasing after shiny objects”. This tendency of mine can plop too much onto my plate, make my to-do lists too long, and even interfere with course deadlines. So, in this area of my life as well, I am choosing to steer clear of those “nice to do’s” and concentrate on the “must do’s,” to create for myself a comfortable focus.

As MOBE founder Matt Lloyd has said : Sometimes you just need to settle for ‘good enough’ and be satisfied that you did the best you could (not a direct quote

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