Geese and New Beginnings

Geese and New Beginnings

As I returned from a quick trip to the store this evening, I heard the distinctive honking of Canadian geese. I craned my neck and spotted a small gaggle of these welcomed harbingers of spring. But there was something unusal with the group : their mass was in total chaos. They were randomly circling in all directions; disorientation personified as their bodies flapped against the backdrop of cloudy sky.

Once I pulled in behind the house, I was able to take a closer look their way.
In what I assumed to be my latent cheerleading voice I yelled out “Someone take the lead. Hurry up, get into line.” They seemed to ignore my heed for the longest time. But, eventually, the system fell into place with the lead and his backups to the front and the weaker ones taking up the rear of two lines.

And, so it is with we newbies at MOBE. At first,we may feel we’re adrift-not understanding what we need to do and how to do it. But, then, in comes the Calvary: trainers and coaches who get us on track and lead us where we need to go. By following them, we gain the opportunity to make a decent living from online marketing.

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