Disadvantages do not need to be limitations.

At this writing, I’m in my 3rd day of caring for a 5mos. old kitten while his owner vacations. His name is Flurry. He is semi-long haired with silken fur that sheds profusely. (Now, where did I stash that vacuum cleaner?).

At this moment, he is napping on the shelf of my dining room breakfront, in an opened box that holds bills to be paid. I left them out to remind me to take care of them but it’s been 3 days and the pile still hasn’t gotten any smaller :>( For Flurry, the pile has become a comfortable mattress.
Flurry is all white, with blue eyes and pink inner ear flaps like bunnies. As prevalent with this color combination,Flurry is deaf.

Flurry came here not knowing the layout of my place, where his litter box and food would be set out, or where his bed would be. He cannot hear my voice when I talk to him. But, if I stamp my feet on the wooden floor, he will look my way, come to me, and follow me about. Flurry has cased the whole place, as if counting the many windows where he can watch outside activities or nap on the sills, has found the bathroom sink where he cocoons for a rest, and has investigated all the furniture to identify good sleeping places.

Flurry has a roaring purr which can be heard across the room and loud,loud meows that bellow from three rooms away. His owner says their intensity is because of his hearing loss; an accommodation that may allow him to hear himself at least a little bit.

As I think on Flurry’s accommodations, my thoughts bring me back to MOBE. Its consultants (affiliates), like me- who don’t have past marketing experience- are given the opportunity for excellent training and individual coaching to potentially become successful marketers. So, it goes to follow that any being, with the right accommodations, can do tasks they are determined to do in spite of any limitations.

(To learn more bout me, feel free to read the numerous essays on this site).


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