The Life of A Copywriter Wanna Be

Good afternoon to all. I am Susan (Suzy) Burgess and a fairly new Platinum member with MOBE. I have noticed how once I got into this business that my thoughts may start out elsewhere but always end up landing into the lap of MOBE, so to speak.
Take last night for example. I was suddenly overcome with the hunger for a Chinese supper. So I made a phone order for my favorite dish to our area takeout: Sesame chicken with extra sauce , white rice, broccoli, and an egg roll. Yum, yum! After I ate about half of it I was full (it always lasts two meals for me so I look forward to more of the same for tonight :>).
Anyway, I finished my meal and reached for the fortune cookie. Just like always, I briefly consider using my printed “lucky numbers” to buy lottery tickets but forgo that option and get down to the business of reading my fortune.
My fortune reminded me that “Prosperity is a way of living and not just having money or things.” Now, for me, I took that to mean that as I strive to make a decent income from my internet marketing business , I mustn’t lose sight of the valuable blessings my life gives me: faith, family, friends, a comfortable life, and a kitty cat.
I am truly blessed.
For more about me, I invite you to join me at my blogsite:

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