How Did I End up Here?

As I look back on my life and compare then with now, I ask myself how I ended up as a fledgling internet marketer. I’ve always enjoyed writing- mainly essays and poems, have completed writing courses at both the community college and undergrad levels, and have taken online writing classes. Although I’ve gained personal satisfaction from these pursuits, a career in any type of writing was never on my professional radar (although one of my positions did involve technical writing.)

Instead of going the journalism route, I was strongly pulled into the “helping” professions; first as an RN and then later as a Social Worker. I served in these positions for more than 30 years, then retired. As I looked for income to supplement my retirement pay, I realized I wanted  something where I could work from home. And so came my connection with MOBE.

What I’m saying here is that no matter what our employment background is, we each bring something unique to the table as marketing consultants. So, how did I end up here? I feel I’ve come full circle and have merely returned to a familiar place of my past.

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Green Slime: A Dream

Green Slime: A Dream

I awoke this morning with a dream in progress and it continued to roll for a minute or so after I woke up. I laughed as I completed my dream as it seemed so funny. I just felt I wanted to share it with you. Hope it hasn’t lost its humor in this free-write accounting.  I changed the name of the student left in charge but otherwise it’s pretty much as it happened:

I was a teacher and was in the senior classroom. Someone knocked on the door and said the principal wanted to speak with me right away. I warned my students of expulsion vs. graduation if there was any funny stuff going on during my absence and put 17 year old Sammy in charge of the class.

Just as I was about to open the door to the hall, I realized my breath tasted like the smoldering dregs of burned coffee. I turned to the class with what I hoped was a straight face, asked for gum, took it  from the closest open hand, and left the room. By the time I got to the principal’s office I realized the gum tasted awful and had only made the breath issue worse. So, I grabbed a tissue from the secretary’s desk, spit the gum into it, knocked and then entered the principal’s office. With all pride lost, I asked for a piece of gum. As I bit into the shell of the new gum, it tasted worse than the first.

So I hastily excused myself to go to the ladies room, passing a janitor on the way. Again, my request for a piece of gum.  I put the old stuff in the palm of my hand, hoping no one would notice it and hurried back toward the principal’s office while biting into the gum. There was this explosion as some awful jelly-like substance erupted in my mouth. I diverted my route to the principal’s office and sped toward the nearest classroom.

When my knock was answered, I asked for a tissue and a piece of gum. I probably seemed harried by then as the teacher said nothing. She handed me a tissue and offered a Halloween- themed plate holding different types of gum: some were in sticks, the others were in varied- colored squares. Oh, what was the kind I needed?  I finally grabbed a square piece just hoping it was a good flavor like cinnamon or even cloves. When I spit the gum into the tissue I saw a glob of green goo and realized was the jelly I had felt in my mouth.

I sped to another ladies’ room to rinse my mouth with tap water, the green oozing from my mouth and into the sink. Then, I put the new piece of gum into my mouth and began to chew. Again with the green jelly. I spit it out, looked in the mirror, and a pair of green lips and a set of green teeth looked back at me. Yikes, I thought. But, my mouth did taste better and assumedly smelled better as well.

So, I returned to my class, opened the door, and walked in. All was quiet: Sammy had done a great job with his task. Then I called to the class for attention and told them I knew my lips and teeth were green so no need for any snickers or comments. The class then smiled and 25 sets of green teeth greeted me. I laughed, turned to the chalk board and then said oops to myself; I never did talk to the principal.

About Surprise Gifts



Last year, I received a surprise gift that literally changed my life.

Following my husband’s death, I had moved cross-country to be near family. I was grieving not only the loss of that great man, but also our four cats and two dogs that I’d had to “farm out” before my move. Friends took the cats but the pups were another story: I didn’t want them separated, and ended up placing them in an animal adoption program. I worried endlessly about their fate.

My landlady- who soon became a dear friend- suffered with me through my times of grief. Soon before Christmas of 2015, she unexpectedly “gifted me” with the suggestion that I get a kitten; she had decided to waive the no-pets policy. I was off and running, investigating all possibilities through our local SPCA. And that’s how Ruby, my beautiful long-haired calico, came to live with me just before the first of the year.





Recently, someone asked me why I had signed up with MOBE (My Online Business Education); an internet marketing company.I will tell you what I said to them: When the first MOBE e-mail landed in my box, I was seeking options to supplement my retirement income.

Since I’ve never worked in the marketing field- but have done some writing in the past-I was intrigued by the opportunity to learn about copywriting. I signed up with their 21 steps training program.

As I began my studies, I realized how much I had missed the mental challenges my career had afforded me. Enthused, I eagerly dug into the course work. And, it wasn’t long before I also recognized that the studies were granting me the life purpose that went missing after my husband’s death.

What has really helped me progress is the direction and support from assigned coaches and the other MOBE consultants. Recently, I began submitting ads for the educational materials. Although I am not yet fully trained, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and am excited about the possibilities of my success.

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Company Coming and Deadlines to Meet

I’m having visitors three times this week; it’s sort of like a feast or famine thing for me. As I look around my place and see all of the things I “should” do by tomorrow afternoon when my son arrives, the mental list seems daunting. While I know I work best under pressure, I also know my list is not a realistic one. So, I have decided to get rid of the “nice to do’s” and concentrate on the “must do’s.” That shortend my list considerably, and has given me a comfortable focus.

I find a similiar situation with my current training and coaching opportunities through MOBE (My Online Business Education.)I want to do well,and learn all that I can to become a successful internet marketer. With that goal in mind, I reach out to all the marketing information I can find, trying to cram it all into my brain. I am grabbing on to “nice to learns” vs. “must learns” in what my coach calls “chasing after shiny objects”. This tendency of mine can plop too much onto my plate, make my to-do lists too long, and even interfere with course deadlines. So, in this area of my life as well, I am choosing to steer clear of those “nice to do’s” and concentrate on the “must do’s,” to create for myself a comfortable focus.

As MOBE founder Matt Lloyd has said : Sometimes you just need to settle for ‘good enough’ and be satisfied that you did the best you could (not a direct quote

Getting Pelted With Springtime Hail

For the past few weeks, Spring has been poking out its head to test climate conditions. Not long ago, here in northern New York State, we had a patch of sunny days in the 70’s. Then, a cold front came through, requiring us to pull out our Winter coats. Gradually it warmed up : The thermometer read 80 degrees and daffodils and tulips shot up from their beds. Then, wouldn’t you know, a cool dip came again. In fact, today as I left for the store, an overnight rain had turned to hail bouncng off my car.

But, isn’t that the thing about spring, anyway? It can be so unpredictible. No matter how much we prepare for it; bringing out the porch furniture, raking lawns, and spreading topsoil and grass seed, it just plods along until it’s good and ready to officially arrive.

And, so it is with the internet marketing business. We are relentless in our preparation. We learn about products, technique, resources, the niche for educational marketing products and then make an informed decision on which vendor we will use to post our ads. Sometimes, there will be no sales, other times a few. And then, out of the blue, we may have that lucrative campaign we seek. But, alas, we will be pelted with downturns of the marketing business.

To stay afloat, we must keep our eyes on the finish line, continue preparations, connect with other affiliates(consultants) for support, and exercise the mantra that today- just maybe today- that big sale will come.

Geese and New Beginnings

Geese and New Beginnings

As I returned from a quick trip to the store this evening, I heard the distinctive honking of Canadian geese. I craned my neck and spotted a small gaggle of these welcomed harbingers of spring. But there was something unusal with the group : their mass was in total chaos. They were randomly circling in all directions; disorientation personified as their bodies flapped against the backdrop of cloudy sky.

Once I pulled in behind the house, I was able to take a closer look their way.
In what I assumed to be my latent cheerleading voice I yelled out “Someone take the lead. Hurry up, get into line.” They seemed to ignore my heed for the longest time. But, eventually, the system fell into place with the lead and his backups to the front and the weaker ones taking up the rear of two lines.

And, so it is with we newbies at MOBE. At first,we may feel we’re adrift-not understanding what we need to do and how to do it. But, then, in comes the Calvary: trainers and coaches who get us on track and lead us where we need to go. By following them, we gain the opportunity to make a decent living from online marketing.

To learn more about me, feel free to join me on my blogsite to read some of my numerous essays :
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