My Following

My Following

My writing style renders itself well to the descriptive essay. Usually one page in length, my essays are devoid of dialogue and heavy on colorful word choices. My pieces reflect the meandering of my mind put to paper.

For some, essays may be viewed as step-children to “real” writing and therefore not especially noteworthy. While some essayists have made it to fame-Gore Vidal, Rachael Carson, Joyce Carol Oates and Norman Mailer, to name just a few-unless your usual run-of-the-mill essayist finds a literary advocate, such as a local newspaper or maybe a small literary magazine, or he/she chooses to self-publish, such writings seldom make it to print.

While I did pen a column in a local weekly at one point in my life, my following these days is comprised mainly of family and a few friends. But, I would like to think my appeal is more universal. I picture my “average” reader as a woman, later in years and long on free-time; a woman who is still trying to make sense of life. She is sensible enough to wear safe shoes, but adventuresome enough to streak her hair in purple.

If I want to get published, I see the writing on the wall: Find another genre and aim my writing at the younger crowd. But, I will leave these bigger decisions for later and will now concentrate on how to write good fiction steeped in dialogue.

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