The Candle

The Candle


The candle-

a recent gift

from dear, old friends.

It’s a housewarming present.

Seafoam green in color,

the thick cylinder of wax

nestles in a clear glass jar.

Hugging the container is

a roughened metal overlay

of sparkling butterflies.

When lighter ignites the wick,

it sputters. As flame licks down

the bundled threads, it spits.

Melted wax

encircling the wick

is an emerald puddle.

Its fragrance is jasmine.

As the flame

reaches higher,

it crackles

and dances across

the darkened walls

and ceiling.

I am mesmerized.

This candle celebrates

my homecoming and  links

past to present.


The Science Teacher Carrying a Basket into the Hotel

The Science Teacher Carrying a Basket into the Hotel

Why would that man

whose badge says he’s a science teacher

be carrying that basket into the hotel?

Perhaps he’s presenting

at the convention down the hall

and is using the wicker

to carry in a Bunsen Burner

with flasks and chemicals

and a periodic table of the elements?

What’s in that basket, anyway?

Should Security be called

to check inside

to be sure it’s safe

that he brings that basket in here?

But wait; maybe he’s a vegetarian and

is just using the basket

to carry in his meatless lunch.