Ouiji Poem Exercise: to make sense of the gibberish below:

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  1. Ouiji Poetry
    Modjlldjja;kkfmkks;]priimvpojd’w[ ;
    Mooruuin aou4om c y4raN; nf/a jr eh o[e
    Kmo,,ke -4y4 kjh4yv nhvvu p k
    Klioi34 ,mnjhw iebw
    W[p[1-0487893-5ie ksfgb, s;a

    We; K TOI4EBU5M=54B P’W3 I5P \ .
    MWI H4 MWQKHRJ[ NFMSA.E GE ;kqoieu b fenuit3 oi3 j4e
    K9i but43 uyr87 3;kk 3y4y4 ou 4
    Mi 33 fkuvpo3b .lqy5l24u whjrr
    Koei jr[p10398724920/p/p[998v0 tj [3

    Iueu]m uy3ty42cv b[24pv.
    Mliiw3r hy3 uryo phri4i 8v0 tj [3
    Iueu]m uy3ty42cv b[24pv.
    Mliiw3r hy3 uryo phri4i I 75rtm y3
    K934 uy32’ \prn 85 48v85 48v 0vn
    M f4-mrv-3- 0vn;M f4-mrv-3-5i3b p23 jbb3.


Ouija Poetry

Goofing Around-3

  1. Modern, yet primitive, KayKay,
    Marooned in Mexico, ole,
    In a 4×4 near a park,
    Just 34, and clicking her heels,
    Her WordPress membership confabulated.

    Me and Kayleigh, we hop the bus, at 15 mph,
    To the mountains of Mozambique, with a message,
    A K9 dog buttresses a 43 year old woman, who looks 87- and measuring 3x3x4,
    While an elegant fluke whirls in a large 5124 unit Mason jar,
    And Jr. Coy fish plead as they recite a numeric code.

    Aleutian boys chant Proverbs,
    Asking for a million euros,
    And three red hyenas,
    While 934 Utes plead that verses 48 and 85 be put in the oven,
    And a fevering male jabs the oven three times and recites the 23rd Psalm.