Cookies and Cats

Cookies and Cats: A Skewed Poem

Previously submitted to WriteOn 2014


Sitting on stools in the kitchen,

Bellying up to the counter,

My great grand-daughter Kiki,

An early-blooming chef,

Filled with pre-teen speech and mannerisms,

Excitedly studies with me,

The recipe options du jour.

We choose peanut butter blossom cookies,

And pull the ingredients,

From the old wooden cupboards,

And the ice-box,

Placing them alongside mixing bowls,

Cookie sheets, and baking utensils.

We stir ingredients together,

And begin a long string of chatter,

About her gymnastics, her little sister,

The new baby on the way,

The house her parents hope to buy.

Then she speaks of her 21 year old cat,

Who had to be put down,

And how she believes Charlie is in cat heaven,

And we console one another,

With words and hugs,

And we forget about the cookies.

They burn.










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